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Mergina senus daiktus paverčia madingais rūbais. Liksite sužavėti!

Vis daugiau žmonių persiuva ir taiso senus rūbus. Pirma, tai naudinga šeimos biudžetui. Antra, tokiu būdu mes apsaugome aplinką. Globalus atšilimas, oro užterštumas, kvėpavimo takų ligos – štai ką duoda pasauliui madų industrija. Šiuolaikinės medžiagos beveik neskaidomos, jų gamybai reikalingi chemikalai, kurie yra žalingi mūsų aplinkai. Todėl naudoti daiktus pakartotinai – nebloga idėja.

Šiuo straipsnio herojė Sara Tayo įrodė, kad viską galima padaryti savarankiškai. Rezultate jūs turėsite madingus rūbus. Tokių pačių rūbų niekas neturės, jie bus išskirtiniai.

Mergina pasirenka seną drabužį, nusifotografuoja „iki“ ir „po“. Rezultatas įspūdingas!

Kostiumas pavirsta elegantiška suknele.

O štai herojės dukrytė senuose tėčio marškiniuose.

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Refashioned my old XS shirt into a peplum top for my daughter for the 4th of July last year, along with a matching headband. Link in bio for more photos + a full tutorial. . . #sharingmyheartwithyoust I’ve been touring homes for the Parade of Homes the past few days(newly built homes are open to the public to walk through) and many were multiple million dollar homes, 14,000 square ft., swimming pool, basketball court, exercise room, sauna, dance room, movie room, and a 12 car garage.😱 I know it’s hard not to compare our lives to others who seem more “successful” than us but I hope you can realize & internalize that what we own is separate from how much we are worth. What we own doesn’t add any more value nor does it define us. Me going viral and gaining lots of followers doesn’t add anymore value to who I am nor does it make me worth more. I was just as cool, worth just the same as when I had 10 followers! A billionaire is worth no more than a homeless person. The world labels people such as “This 35-year old entrepreneur who is worth 15 million” but that could be further from the truth on people’s real worth. Once we can separate the fact that what we own(and so many other things I’ll discuss on a later post) does not and should not add to our self esteem or self worth, or I cannot emphasize this enough, how we judge and value others, or especially treat others, we’d always be confident and less prone to be offended nor play the comparison game nor feel the need to keep up with the Joneses. . . So how do you measure someone’s value? You don’t. Because we are all worth infinite amount, every single person. No matter what. We were all born with this birthright of infinite worth and no matter what you do, no matter what happens to you, what you own, what you look like, what weaknesses/strengths you have, that tremendous worth never changes or goes away. It cannot be gained nor lost since it’s never left you and will always stay with you.

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Čia tai tikrai puikus ir geras skonis.

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